About me

I stumbled into entrepreneurship at 24-years-old when I founded my first company Classy - a pub crawl fundraiser turned software company (yes, you read that right!). Classy now powers the fundraising of over 10,000 nonprofit organizations and raises billions annually.

As the CEO for over ten years, and then Executive Chairman, I grew the company to nearly $100M in revenue, had 250+ employees under me, raised $200M from investors and passed a $1B+ valuation.  In 2022, we merged with GoFundMe to create the largest giving platform in the world.

But our journey was anything but up and to the right. As a first-time-founder, I basically had no idea what I was doing. I was thirsty to learn from experienced founders, but quickly grew frustrated with the content that was out there for young CEOs. Most of it was too high-level, and (shockingly) created by people who had never operated a company before!

Thankfully I was able to get some great advisors, and eventually a CEO coach, to help me evolve from a founder into a true leader. Now, a few gray hairs and three companies (and one nonprofit) later, I'm eager to share my learnings with other founders. And that's what this website & my newsletter is all about!

Classy (acq. by GoFundMe in '22)

Classy is the largest SaaS giving platform in the world - powering the fundraising of over 10,000 nonprofit organizations. I was the CEO/founder for 15 years; now I'm a strategic advisor to the CEO of GoFundMe, and the President of Classy. I'm also part of the M&A team.  

Haskill Creek

CEO & co-founder of Haskill Creek Farms - a new spin on the traditional pharmacy store, with its first two retail locations in the Whitefish, Montana area. We offer the highest quality, lowest toxin natural health products as an alternative to the big chains like Walgreens.

Cannabis Counter

Co-founder of Cannabis Counter - a craft cannabis company with a range of high-end products that are available at retailers across Montana, and also in our two retail locations in the Whitefish area.

Save Farmland

Chairman & founder of Save Farmland - a nonprofit organization with a mission to protect agricultural land and strengthen local food systems. We're currently operating in Flathead Valley, Montana with plans to expand as we prove out our unique model.

Albion Soccer Club

Co-owner of Albion Soccer Club - one of the top youth soccer franchises in the United States with over 10,000 players and hundreds of teams across the country. Albion also has a professional side, playing in the National Independent Soccer Association.

Tall Timbers & Co

Tall Timbers is a family-run investment fund partnering with impact oriented companies, primarily tech with a slant towards the environment, food and farming. We've made 20+ angel investments so far.

Other Experiences: